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5 New Years Resolutions to Sell Your Home

By Drysdale Properties Communications - December 23, 2019
Have you been planning to sell your home and need to start working through the initial process? It can be time-consuming and complicated to get your property sale-ready. However, you can avoid procrastination and set yourself up for success with a strong plan of preparatory tasks, spelled out in these five New Year’s resolutions: 1 – ESTABLISH A LISTING DATE In order to be ready t

Things You Already Know: Exercise and Aging

By Drysdale Properties Communications - December 18, 2019
Written by: Dede Tabor REALTOR® DRE #02071960 (510) 846-5695 Things never stay the same and that’s especially true with the human body. According to Senior Exercise Central, inactive adults over age 30 begin losing muscle tissue, then by age 50, it greatly accelerates. Called sarcopenia (poverty of flesh), this age-related wasting away of muscle tissue, combined with osteoporosis, i

Let's Roll! How to Sell High Just Before the Holidays

By Drysdale Properties Communications - December 04, 2019
  With far fewer homes on the market during the winter months, with holidays discouraging sellers who feel overwhelmed by the activities, and by understanding the misconception that school is the only and dominant force driving buyers, it’s time to take advantage of the great winter selling season! Some of our most satisfied clients have bought or sold during these traditional slow mo

Fall vs. Winter: What's the Best Time to Sell?

By Island Scoop - October 30, 2019
Fall vs. Winter: What's the Best Time to Sell? You may be preparing to sell your home and want to know whether it is best to sell it in fall or winter. There are advantages to selling your home in each of the two seasons. Advantages of Fall The sooner, the better. If you are planning to upgrade, you can save more both in your down payment and your mortgage payment if you move quickly. App

C’era Una Volta: A Little Italy in Alameda

By The Island Scoop - August 30, 2019
C'era Una Volta: A Little Italy in Alameda Many great stories start at C’era Una Volta. In other words, its name—which translates to “Once Upon a Time”—is fitting. Plus, the dishes that were served once upon a time in Tuscany are available to Alameda locals and visitors today. This Italian restaurant with charm and class is open year-round. Customers reviewing

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